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We only want to make things people need, so let's build something amazing together! You can help shape LessonForge into something that elevates student engagement and saves you time. All you need to do is use it!

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Who Are You?

We are a dedicated team of publishers, teachers and software developers with decades of experience in the educational market. Our aim is to flip the traditional publishing model and empower teachers and educators to produce their own digital and print based resources. Not only offering the simplest tools imaginable to create that content, but a platform to share with peers and the wider community and the facilities required to get that content to students in seconds (literally, 20-seconds. We counted it with actual students)

So What Happens Now?

Well we have spent the last 6 months making LessonForge into the product we envisaged, but it is vital that we make it work for the right people, like you. So we have setup a 'closed beta' - basically a secret club - that we are inviting users into in groups based on a whole range of different factors. At this stage the service is completely free, and we have zero expectation on feedback from you - we actually track a lot of it behind the scenes - we just want to see how people use it. So if you have students of any age that you want to make or use awesome content with then please click the button below and fill in a simple 2 minute questionaire. We will then be in touch with next steps.

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