Kick-ass Lessons.

Making lessons great shouldn't be so painful. We are here to help with top-notch creation tools, 20-second student setup, live results & an extensive community library!

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Become a Maker

Make your own ideas come to life, with straight forward tools to build content. You will enjoy making as much as your students enjoy playing.

Battle Ready

We know the challenges of a busy class, trust us to get resources to your students. Within seconds your students will be up and ready go.

Live Tracking

With live results streaming to your computer you see a snapshot of where your students are. With detailed results available for analysis.

Simple Creation Tools

Making super exciting resources has never been so easy. With our creation tools we are sure you will find it a breeze, even if the content is complex!

Community Library

Everything that is made by our teachers is shared to the rest of the community in our library, and it's growing daily! With ratings, comments and a super-fair reporting system feel confident in others work and reuse it however you want!

Clipart Reimagined

Isn't clipart fantastic? But it is also slightly naff and dated. That's why we are in the process of building a fresh modern alternative that you can use as you please in your own content.

0 to Student in 20 Seconds!

We know what happens when technology fails in the classroom so we have made the first 'emoji' powered sign in process. Point your students to our player URL (always the same so easy to bookmark), type in their firstname and a 5-emoji code and they're straight into your lesson.

Live Previews

Watch live as your students progress through your activity. Find which students are struggling and where, or show the live view on the whiteboard and turn it all into a big competition!

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